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Copying big files very slowwwww

Started by damian5000, November 12, 2008, 01:00:54 AM

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When copying big files from my internal drive to the USB enclosed SATA WD 320 get about 1-3mb/s and the internal drive seems to be running hard.  Copying smaller files can get 15mb/s. 

I'm copying from internal laptop drive to USB enclosed SATA drive.  DMA enabled...not running in PIO.  Write caching enabled for both drives.

It's not only Copy Handler.  Have tried  "fastcopy" too and it's the same way.

Really like Copy Handler...What settings can I change to get some faster speeds :(

Windows XP SP3
2.13 Pentium M
1.5gb RAM
320 GB WD in usb enclosure
60 GB internal

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