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Error message when opening Copy Handler


I downloaded and installed it with an .exe from here where I work, it gave me an error so I downloaded it directly from this website.  Same error.  Basically, I tell it to run after set up, but nothing happens.  If I click on it again it says "Cannot run the second instance of this program".  I've unistalled and re-installed, rebooted etc to no avail.

Any ideas?

Also, if I look in Task Manager I can see that it's running, but I'm not seeing it anywhere but in Task Manager.  If I kill the process, double click again, the same thing happens.  Nothing.  Except the process is showing up in Task Manager.  So it's running...I just can't use it...

You should be seeing CH icon in taskbar tray (yellow icon with green arrow). Maybe it was hidden by system as an inactive icon?


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