noticed copy handler restarts after shut down

Started by Chelli, February 25, 2009, 03:03:08 PM

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 Like the idea that copy handler remembers to pick up where it left off automatically after system auto reboots.Just on't continue at the exact point it left off but tries to reinstall the last file which pause for user input whether to recopy or ignore If you're away from the computer when that happens going out or sleeping that's not  good because it waits for your input before continuing,
Dhould just start at the point it left off without waiting for user import and just store that in the log so if that file doesn't copu over right you can just recopy that file only then
I set it to copy all my filrd from drive to another last night expecting most of it would be finished before I woke up the computer restarted copy handller sought to continue nut was stopped in its tracks by the user input screen thats a definite flaw when your not near your computer that needs to ve adressed in future revisions

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