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Started by GLIO, April 14, 2008, 01:03:49 PM

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I want to copy (backup) many subfolders to another drive, but I will keep the source date/time-stamps.
Is it possible to do an exact copy with CopyHandler like xcopy can do ?
Thx for support!



It should be possible to do this for files (if I'm not mistaken this is the default). As for directories - Windows does not allow setting some date-replated parameters for directories and so the program has the same limitation.


Winrar, I've seen it recreate the date/times of directories it creates during extraction. I used to know how this was done, but it's been a while.

This would be very nice to have, I'm contently having to manually do smaller moves to preserve the date order of folders.



Please, please! I have been looking a long, long time for a Windows program that will preserve timestamps (date CREATED field, I don't care so much about Date Modified) on copy to a destination where the entire directory tree will need to be created (i.e. see this guy's thread, http://forum.copyhandler.com/index.php/topic,39.0.html). If I can help in any way please let me know. Thanks!

P.S. Yes, I've used xxcopy, robocopy, cp, mv, etc, which all work for preserving timestamps on files, but never on directories since it needs to "create" the directory at the new destination before it can copy files into it.

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