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This is updated german language file for CH 1.30. Update was made by Patrick. If you want to update it further - post the updated language file within this topic.

So... because no one does it does :P
Here is the current German Translation ;-)

Ok wieso schreib ich ├╝berhaupt auf englisch^^
Also hier ist die neuste Deutsche Sprachdatei

lol? i can't edit my old Post :P?
Ok here it is. A updated Version (fixed some bad translations^^ (by me))

Here it is ;) Newest translation.
btw... Ixen please allow editing old posts^^ and i didn't translated the following: 15024 "Cannot import paths from the specified file" because I do not know the context.
And why is there a german2 language file which does not appear in the options^^ It's seems to be an very old translation.

Thanks for the update. This text is displayed when you try to import file with paths to be copied in "Enter custom copy parameters" dialog (available in CH menu) and it fails.
German2 language was the one with German/Switzerland contents (if I remember correctly). It is probably in old format and so does not appear in list. I left it in the translations directory in case someone want to update it with the translation tool.



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