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Those are information for tasks that you see in CH. When you clear the list of tasks, those files should be deleted - either immediately, or on next restart if it was not possible to do it immediately.
You could try "Automatically remove finished tasks" to remove finished jobs immediately after they are finished.
General support / Re: Feature Request: Replace built-in win copy handler by CopyHandler?
« Last post by Ixen on February 17, 2021, 07:54:46 am »
Please check the "Shell" section in options dialog. It should be there.
You can use Windows traditional cut/copy to get paths to clipboard and then (CH) Paste it somewhere.
(CH) Copy to/Move to options are designed mainly to have a predefined set of destination paths where you can copy/move. Most probably you have only used the last option to choose directory manually.
Thank you for suggestion, and even more for creating feature request in jira.
Hmm... which link does not work?
When I right click on the "options" entry of CH Systray icon I can select the "options" dialog.

Unfortunately CH does not remember the win size+position of it.

So I always have manually resize and move it.

Thats unnecessary and tedious.

Can CH remember these infos beyond exit+restart?

Thank you
As I found out there are many *.sqlite files created in "Tasks" sub folder.
Whats the purpose of them?

How can I let CH auto-delete them as soon as they are not necessary any more?
General support / Feature Request: Replace built-in win copy handler by CopyHandler?
« Last post by thoste on February 12, 2021, 08:18:10 am »
TeraCopy offers an option to replace the built-in Windows copy handler by TeraCopy itself.

So when users click on the default "Copy" or "Move" context menu entries in Windows Explorer then not the built in Windows procedures are triggered but the TeraCopy handler instead

Can this option be added to CopyHandler too?

Thank you
General support / Re: Does CopyHandler VERIFY The Way That TeraCopy Does?
« Last post by thoste on February 12, 2021, 08:14:36 am »
I second this feature +1
I oftentimes want to select/mark one or more files/folders for a following move operation.

CopyHandler offers only a "Move to" context menu which forces the user to immediately select the target directory in a tiny, unhandy folder selection dialog.
I don't want this!

I want at first just a "Cut" context menu which puts the selected files/folders into copyhandlers pending clipboard.
Then - in a second step - I want to search & navigate in relaxed way in full Windows Explorer window to the target directory and click on another CopyHandler context menu "Paste (here)".

Unfortunately CopyHandler does NOT offer a "Cut" context  menu.

Similarly I miss a "Copy (into pending clipboard)" context menu.

Can this be added in the next version

Thank you
never mind I figured out how to post on!
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